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The importance of regular eye exams has been recognized for many years. You may have problems, even if you are not experiencing any dry eye symptoms such as pain, itching, inflammation, blurriness, etc.

Dry Eye Disease can make it difficult to perform everyday activities, such as reading or driving. The longer dry eye goes untreated, the worse symptoms can get and the more difficult it can be to manage them. Should these issues go undetected and untreated, they can often lead to more serious and/or irreversible conditions.

Visiting an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist on a regular basis is your best course of action to effectively monitor and maintain your vision and ocular health. When an eye exam is initiated only after obvious symptoms are evident, you are exposed to unnecessary risks.

If you do experience the following signs and symptoms, a more serious problem may have developed and a need for more frequent follow up appointments may be necessary

  • Discomfort & pain
  • Itching & blurriness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Dry eyes
  • Inflammation
  • Eye fatigue
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Sensitivity to light

Focus On Effective, Long-Lasting Dry Eye Management & Treatment Solutions and Bring Clarity to Your Life!

Are you suffering from dry, scratchy, or irritated eyes? Do you often find yourself dealing with over-watery eyes or blurred vision? If so, you may have dry eyes. Millions of people worldwide have been diagnosed with dry eye disease (DED) and the aforementioned symptoms are among the most common that eye doctors encounter with their patients.

DED, also referred to as dry eye syndrome, is the most common form of a lesser known, broader condition called ocular surface disease, or OSD. Chronic, dry eye generally develops when the eye does not produce the adequate quality or quantity of tears necessary to keep the ocular surface properly lubricated and hydrated. Dry eyes can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, which is why it’s important for those experiencing OSD symptoms to seek effective relief and treatment. I-MED Pharma USA, a global leader in dry eye management, offers a wide range of high-quality products to help alleviate symptoms in dry eye patients.

Learn More About Dry Eye Disease

Experience Long-Lasting Dry Eye Relief with Solutions from I-MED Pharma USA

DED is often a chronic and progressive condition. Depending on the contributing factors of dry eye — whether it’s increased digital screen time, environmental conditions, lifestyle habits, or health conditions — and the severity of the condition, it may not be completely curable. However, dry eyes can be effectively managed with the proper treatment options and good compliance from patients in order to experience long-lasting comfort, fewer dry eye symptoms, and in some cases, improved vision. The first step to seeking relief from dry eye symptoms is to visit an eye care professional (ECP).

In order to determine any factors which may be contributing to the development of dry eye symptoms, optometrists and ophthalmologists can perform an eye examination and may even ask patients questions regarding their general health, use of medications, and their home and work environments. If necessary, further dry eye testing can be performed to determine the severity of the condition. From there, ECPs can recommend management and treatment options to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes. I-MED Pharma USA proudly offers ECPs the most innovative OSD solutions to help patients manage their dry eye condition and ultimately improve their ocular health.

Ocular Hygiene Cleansers

The Key to Keeping Eyelids and Eyelashes Healthy

Eyelids and eyelashes play a vital role in keeping debris, toxins, and other particles from affecting the ocular surface and triggering dry eye symptoms or problematic conditions like Demodex mite infestations. ECPs often recommend the implementation of a daily ocular hygiene routine to keep the lids and lashes clean. The I-LID ‘N LASH® collection from I-MED Pharma USA features premium ocular hygiene wipes that dry eye patients can use daily to clean and hydrate the delicate area around the eyes. Additionally, the convenient daily ocular cleansing spray formulated with .02% pure HOCl effectively maintains optimal lid and lash health.

Dry Eye Ointment

For Optimal Night-Time Relief of Severe Chronic Dry Eye Disease

ECPs may recommend a dry eye ointment for patients that are diagnosed with severe chronic dry eye in order to provide longer-lasting lubrication and protection of the ocular surface. I-DEFENSE® is a superior dry eye ointment containing 0.40% sodium hyaluronate. Recommended for night-time use, it is extremely effective at providing maximum, long-lasting relief of dry eye symptoms and is well tolerated by patients who are experiencing severe dry eye. It’s one of the only hydrating ointments available that relieve symptoms such as soreness, irritation, or a gritty sensation on the eyes and acts as a barrier against moisture loss.

Ocular health is essential to maintain. Keep your eyes in top shape by visiting an eye care professional on a regular basis.

Ask Your Eye Care Professional About Dry Eye Products from I-MED Pharma USA

I-MED Pharma USA’s innovative line of OSD products is available exclusively through local optometrists’ and ophthalmologists’ clinics. If you or a loved one is experiencing dry eye symptoms and have yet to find effective solutions to help manage discomforting symptoms, ask your eye care professional about I-LID ’N LASH® ocular cleansers, the I-RELIEF™ Therapeutic Eye Mask, I-DEFENSE® nighttime ointment or any of the other effective dry eye management solutions available.

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