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Specializing in dry eye diagnosis and management since 1989, I-MED Pharma continuously researches and develops dry eye disease solutions. Chief Scientific Officer and founder, Ilan Hofmann, set the precedent for this dedication to research and innovation when he created the world’s first viscoadaptive artificial tear with a superior quality hyaluronan component. I-MED Pharma is the only Canadian dry eye manufacturer with a fully integrated internal process of bringing a new product from concept to market.

From creating the world’s first viscoadaptive artificial tear containing a top-quality hyaluronan component, to distributing the only IRPL® device designed specifically to treat MGD, I-MED Pharma provides the most effective and advanced ocular surface disease (OSD) products and treatment solutions on the market.

To fulfill the company mission of bringing complete relief to dry eye and OSD patients worldwide, I-MED Pharma offers a broad range of high-quality OSD products that are sure to meet the needs of every patient.

I-MED Pharma believes education is key, which is why all sales staff is trained on an ongoing, weekly basis. The sales team is ready to answer your questions.

I-MED Pharma has developed close relationships with the best eye care professionals in the business and regularly requests their feedback and expertise on the topic of dry eye disease. 

Every client relationship is important, no matter how big or how small. The excellent support and services I-MED Pharma provides are unwavering, unparalleled, and personalized to each client’s unique needs.

I-MED Pharma places the highest value on client relationships, which is why the products they manufacture are sold directly to ECPs –  and not through pharmacies or online. I-MED Pharma does not compete with its customers.

With an emphasis placed on training and education, I-MED Pharma is proud to have a professional and knowledgeable sales team that clients can count on to support their dry eye practice.

I-MED Pharma is dedicated to ADVANCING THE SCIENCE OF DRY EYE by consulting with industry-leading researchers, disseminating educational content, and reviewing the latest data and clinical trials to provide customers and the global dry eye community with reliable and credible information.

I-MED Pharma is a leader in the global dry eye market and is recognized for going above and beyond for its clients and the patients they serve. With a commitment and drive towards continuous innovation, I-MED Pharma offers ECPs best-in-class dry eye solutions. A strong sense of corporate responsibility propels I-MED Pharma to be equally committed to supporting community outreach programs, as well as education and research.

Each clinic has its own unique set of needs and I-MED Pharma is pleased to provide ECPs with customized marketing materials to help them market their products and grow their dry eye businesses.

I-MED Pharma is proud to offer clients an exceptional customer experience through our Call Centre, ensuring that their questions are answered promptly and effectively.

The people of I-MED Pharma are united in the company’s Vision, Mission, and Values to inspire and lead in the global dry eye disease community.

A great customer experience is personalized, seamless, memorable, effortless, and consistent. I-MED Pharma keeps this goal in mind with every single interaction and communication with eye care professionals to build trust within all relationships.

Feedback makes the company stronger. I-MED Pharma is always open to hearing clients’ and patients’ thoughts and comments about the products.

I-MED Pharma is proud to provide same-day shipping on all orders, with very few exceptions.

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