I-MED Pharma Inc. shall not be liable for any injury or damage suffered by a patient because of implantation technique, prescription, selection and use of any I-MED Pharma Inc. product by the physician. The physician shall exercise sole judgment and bear sole responsibility for selecting and performing any method or technique of surgery and for prescribing use of a medical device for any patient or patient’s condition.


Minimum order $100.00 unless otherwise specified. Product presentations must be ordered in minimum shipping quantities listed, or in multiples thereof.


I-MED Pharma Inc. cannot be held liable for any failure to fulfill any contract or supply any materials due to labour disputes, fires, explosions, floods, riots, lockouts, injunctions, interruptions of transportation, unavoidable accidents, inability to obtain supplies at reasonable prices or other causes beyond our control.


Information and product descriptions may change without notice.


If packages arrive in a damaged condition or are lost, please insist upon the transportation company’s agent, noting the damage or loss upon your bill. Goods are shipped at consignee’s risk. I-MED Pharma Inc. will, however, assist in the process of claims against the carrier provided I-MED Pharma Inc. is notified within 7 days of receiving the shipment.


Payment via credit card, VISA or MasterCard, may ONLY be made at the time the order is placed. Credit cards will not be accepted for payment of invoices showing terms and transmitted to the client either by mail, e-mail or fax.


It is the company’s desire to maintain a just policy regarding merchandise which the customer, for various reasons, may wish to return for credit or exchange. However, it is necessary to define certain reasonable restrictions.


Prior authorization for the return of merchandise must be received from I-MED Pharma Inc. before goods may be returned to the company for credit or replacement. Indication of authorization will be in the form of an assigned authorization number or code which must be indicated on the itemized list of products being returned to the company.


The following types of merchandise will be accepted for credit or exchange:

An error made by I-MED Pharma Inc. employee if reported within 48 hours of receipt.

Product having a manufacturing defect.

Product that is recalled.

Consignment IOLs that have expired within 30 days of expiration date.

Merchandise will be accepted for credit or exchange under the following conditions:

The return has been pre-authorized as indicated by an I-MED issued authorization number or code and is accompanied by the company’s Authorization for Return Merchandise (ARM) form and an itemized list of goods.

All approved returns of goods are to be shipped prepaid. In the event that the goods are returned collect, this amount will be deducted from the associated credit transaction.

Any return required because of one of the first three conditions mentioned above may be returned to the company by a carrier designated by I-MED Pharma Inc.

All returned goods are to be in the ORIGINAL UNOPENED trade containers.

All return shipments must bear the name and address of the sender.

A restocking charge of 25% will apply.

Credit may be in the form of replacement merchandise. Returns will be credited at current prices or original purchase price, whichever is lower.


The following types of merchandise will not be accepted back for credit or exchange:

Goods which have been opened, broken or partially used or merchandise which has been tampered with in any way, including packages damaged by fire, water, or an act of God. This includes packaging marked in any way by the client e.g. affixed label, removal of any labels, notes, or any other mark that makes the product unsellable due to the appearance of the packaging.

Products returned by other than the original purchaser.

Consignment IOLs returned more than 30 days after expiration.

Products supplied on specific order to customer’s specification and/or when the invoice is marked “non-returnable”.

Products which have been damaged due to improper storage conditions.

Discontinued goods returned more than 30 days after the mailing of the notice of discontinuation.

Products requiring refrigeration will not be accepted for return.

No merchandise may be returned after 30 days.

Product designated to be used “FIFO” and which was sold to client prior to the latest sale of the same product.

Our representatives are not authorized to modify the terms governing returns.

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